Gyrodata, Inc.

Gyrodata is the leading provider of state-of-the-art wellbore survey and guidance systems to in the world and has been a pioneer in developing “gyro while drilling” rotary steerable drilling systems and continuous all-attitude systems.


Most recently, they contributed all expertise needed to guide the relief well for trapped Chilean miners free of charge. They provided the guidance services used to control the BP Mocondo well.


Tom Fulkerson has represented Gyrodata since 1990 in claims that have ensured its survival and fulfillment of its business plan. In all of its intellectual property and contract disputes. He has has helped Gyrodata grow from a fledgling company struggling to achieve monthly sales of a million dollars to the premier firm in its field with over $250 million in annual sales.


“We began as a small, cutting-edge technology company in the oilfield, promoting a wellbore survey system. We faced two company-killing situations. By all outside appearances, we were badly outgunned, as our opposition was represented by prominent lawyers in well-established, large firms. It was they who were outgunned. From the get-go, Tom and the firm were light-years ahead of the opposition, and what began as threats to us became building blocks for our company’s expansion. We won’t use anyone else on any case of significance to us.”


– Steve Klopp
Gyrodata Incorporated
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