Huddleston & Co., Inc.

Petroleum & Geological Engineers


Pete Huddleston was one of Bear Bryant’s “Junction Boys,” and an All-American for Texas A&M, but what Pete has accomplished in his professional life makes his on-field accomplishments pale by comparison. Over the course of 40 years in the oil and gas business, Pete, Flossie, and sons Peter, Paul and daughter Lisa have built a fabulous oil and gas reserve engineering and exploration business on the dual bedrocks of personal integrity and fair dealing.


The Huddlestons have been exceptionally generous with their success, sending hundreds of students to Texas universities, including even (gulp) the University of Texas.


We have been the Huddleston’s litigation counsel since 1992, representing them recently in two lawsuits and defending them in the SEC investigation of reserve write downs by the El Paso Corporation. There are no finer people and we’re privileged to represent them.


“I’ve been doing litigation consulting in the oil and gas business for over thirty years and have probably been exposed to every oil and gas trial attorney of any worth in Texas. I’ve given well over 300 depositions as an expert in the field.


When I first met Tom in 1990, I thought I was working with Danny Ainge. He looked like him and he was meaner than Danny.  I wondered would he ever be able to let up? He has and he’s incredibly effective. The Wells submission he wrote for us was epic, one of the best single explanations of the connection between reserve reporting and earnings I have seen.“


– B.P. “Pete” Huddleston
Huddleston & Co., Inc.