LandWorks, Inc.

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Houston, LandWorks, Inc. provides land asset management and GIS software to various industries, including oil & gas, renewable energy, utilities, telecommunications, pipeline, transportation, mining and government. The company also provides land records and GIS mapping services. LandWorks has nearly 100 employees, software licensed to more than 150 organizations, and more than 3000 users worldwide.


We have had the honor to represent LandWorks in multiple litigation matters. These have included disputes involving breach of contract, theft of trade secrets, non-compete agreements, and controversies with service vendors.


“Jerry Mitchell and his team represented us in a very sensitive case crucial to the future of our business. In addition to his expertise in the law, he took great pains to understand our business and guide us through the legal procedures, explaining all options available at each step of the process.”


– Jerry Bramwell, President and CEO
LandWorks, Inc.